The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

“So you're telling me you made a porno where the plot is the point?”
I watched it twice in cinemas when it first came out as I absolutely loved it and wanted to fully support it alas it still bombed.But am I glad to know that returning back to this four years later it has not aged a day still so effortlessly hysterical and endearing,Shane Black subversion of movie tropes isn’t just doing it for the sake of cleverness but a deep love for the action movie and how by the book it often is.Black excels at writing absolutely hilarious dialogue that sets up punchlines without you even noticing that doesn’t go the way you expect it would go based on your understanding of how movie works.But all that meta pulling the rug under you would have worked if the film didn’t have characters as strong as the duo this film had.Ryan Gosling& Russell Crowe are such perfect pairing,straight and funny man buddy cop genre has peaked with their chemistry,both of them work of each other so well and got so much heart,the motivations and character arcs are well flesh out,nothing deep but incredibly effective with much charisma.The atmosphere and sets are exquisite for 70s LA,the party scene especially utilized its settings for some extravagant jokes and hecticness,the jokes about how casual the violence are a great touch of black humor,it’s slick and bittersweet,I wish more comedies and action films has this senergy that just keeps serving up clever comedic moments,rewarding character payoffs without losing the heart of the movie,Keith David is super cool and the prolong fight as a homage to They Live is a great wink and a nod,Margaret Qualley is a fun chaotic mix and the fact she was in two of the best buddy cop movies set in the 70s made from the past decade shows just how much personality she got,the Nice Guys&Once upon a time in Hollywood is the perfect chill afternoon double bill,the noir plot are full of plot holes but with characters this engaging and a ride so thrilling it’s hard to be even remotely bother by that,I truly hope we get a sequel one day,Shane Black has got to comeback from that predator bomb somehow right??😭😭😭❤️🔥

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