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  • Cruella



    Cruella is equal parts fun and exhausting. In between the obnoxious needle drops and the iconography of 101 Dalmatians there lies a very intriguing story about cruelty and women in power. The film is aesthetically pleasing and feels like a movie from the director of I, Tonya, but Disney’s darn obsession with IP prevents Cruella from reaching great new heights for the studio.

    Oh, Disney, we could have had it all.

    - Ferdosa Abdi
    Review on Screen Queens

  • The Reckoning

    The Reckoning


    The narrative of this film is centred around the baseless accusations directed at women during the witch trials. Women who did not conform to society? Witch. Women who miraculously survived a deadly illness? Witch. Women who defend themselves from unwanted sexual advances? Witch. Women who are anything other than docile creatures who bend to the will of men Witch, Women who exist? Witch. For the most part Marshall and Kirk stew in the injustice of the situation, however, neither the script nor Kirk's performance as Grace is interested in interrogating this any further.

    - Ferdosa Abdi
    Review on Screen Queens

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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Maybe it’s due to the crushing reality of everything else going on in the world, but the presence of a film like Palm Springs in the rather bleak offering of current releases feels particularly affecting right now. It has a sense of optimism that isn’t suffocating, a take on romance that acknowledges the darker side of human nature without sliding even closely into melodrama. An overdose of hopefulness during “these uncertain times” just becomes dishonest, whereas art that both recognises…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Less is more in this case. The less you know going in, the more you’ll get from I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Avoid spoilers at all costs, it will only add to one of the most fulfilling cinematic experiences of 2020. It’s rare that a movie can floor you in the way that this one does but it presents a masterstroke in what is possible from streaming services now. I’m Thinking of Ending Things is flat out one of the best films that this year has to offer — pandemic or not.

    -Reyna Cervantes
    Review on Screen Queens