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It Was a Tragedy, Now It’s a Drama: Gaspar Noé on Irreversible: Straight Cut

Interview with Gaspar Noé by Chris Shields on Screen Slate - There is almost something Duchampian about reversing the order of one’s own film, like hanging a painting upside down. Though in this case the flip, rather than creating strangeness, is a righting of sorts. Gaspar Noé’s sophomore feature, Irreversible (2002), was shot with a three-page outline of 12 scenes that were improvised in chronological order and then reversed in the film’s editing. Ironically, the radical formal choice of Irreversible:…

“I Like the Avant-Garde. I’m an Artist.”: Corey Feldman in Conversation with Michael M. Bilandic

In February 2022 (2-22-22, to be exact), Corey Feldman released the first single from his album Love Left 2: Arm Me With Love. It was called “Comeback King,” and he directed the video himself. It starts out with a young boy getting beat up at some type of backyard volleyball game. The scrawny kid is knocked over, leaves and dirt kicked in his face. It cuts to a fogged-out soundstage, where we see Corey, in a deep v-neck tee and an…

Screen Slate Podcast #20 - Skinamarink director Kyle Edward Ball

LISTEN // Five years ago Kyle Edward Ball started making short horror videos inspired by people’s nightmares and posting them on YouTube. His debut feature Skinamarink—shot for just $15,000 in his childhood home in Edmonton, Canada—was the breakout hit of last year’s Fantasia Film Festival, and came from seemingly out of nowhere to become one of the most anticipated upcoming horror films.

Screen Slate Podcast #18 - Aftersun director Charlotte Wells & editor Blair McClendon

LISTEN // Aftersun director Charlotte Wells and editor Blair McClendon visit Screen Slate HQ to talk about the remarkable new film. We get into the genesis of the father-daughter story, casting the fantastic young actress Frankie Corio, how for a certain generation MiniDV is the look of childhood memories, and constructing a turn-of-the-millennium period piece without overplaying it. Plus Wells and McClendon discuss the needle drops that did and didn’t make it into the film, and Blair ignites beef with Liam…

Screen Slate TIFF 2022 Dispatch

Screen Slate's Maxwell Paprella on the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. Includes Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel’s De Humani Corporis Fabrica, Joana Pimenta and Adirley Quéiros’s Dry Ground Burning, Daniel Goldhaber's How to Blow Up a Pipeline, and Steven Spielberg’s The Fablemans.

Screen Slate NYFF Dispatch #2

In the second of our three weekly dispatches, Screen Slate editor Jon Dieringer, managing editor Maxwell Paparella, and contributors K.F. Watanabe write to each other about their New York Film Festival experiences.

Screen Slate NYFF Dispatch #1

In the first of our three weekly dispatches, Screen Slate editor Jon Dieringer, managing editor Maxwell Paparella, and contributors Jeva Lange, Chloe Lizotte, and K.F. Watanabe write to each other about their festival experiences.