I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

The REAL STAR of this movie is that damn bird biting Allison Janney's ear the entire interview section of the movie.

(If Janney had swatted that bird with something and it had exploded into a cloud of green feathers... I would have gone ahead and given this movie a full FIVE STARS!)

Margot Robbie.
She does NOT disappoint.
Lives up to the hype about her performance in every way.
Damn, girl.

Allison Janney.
Faaaaaaantastic too.
Best work I've ever seen from her.
Honors, well deserved.

Sebastian Stan.
From Bucky Barnes to Jeff Gillooly.
Damn, this guy does a hell of a job.
Frickin' amazing as well.

Paul Walter Hauser.
Perfect casting.
I laughed so hard at his scenes.
Dude is hilarious. Honest acting. True and real.
And so damn funny.

The director, Craig Gillespie, puts together an extremely stylish and clever look at the life and skating career of Tonya Harding. It all leads up "The Incident" of course. And it helps to shed some new light on things we may or may not have known about it all. (I know that I certainly learned a lot of things that I had no idea about before).

It's such a strong movie.
(Much better than over half of the current Best Picture nominees for sure!)

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