Upgrade ★★★★½


I was completely caught off-guard by how AWESOME this movie was. I was expecting a low b-grade kind of thriller of some kind. I had no idea that this was gonna be one of the best movies of the year so far. Oh my!

The plot is like part Deathwish and part Robocop and part Blade Runner. It's extremely creative and executed so very well. The editing and direction are also top-notch!

The lead actor Logan Marshall-Green is fantastic as well. He looks like a TOM HARDY clone a bit and acts with the same cool and low-key demeanor. He's able to turn it off and on when he needs to. Great actor in the making here.

The movie doesn't waste a single frame yet rolls out an exciting tale of futuristic fun. It seems almost like a throwback to the '80s genre of filmmaking in some ways too. It's a lot of fun from start to finish. Great stuff.

PLUS... I would not be surprised if this was made into a series on Netflix or something like that. This would be an AMAZING TV SERIES. Great concept. Great fun.

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