Fateful Findings ★★★★½

First movie of the year! Neil Breen is a very special director, I've tried to space these out to savor this feeling. The worlds he creates are cold, flat and full of bizarre one dimensional characters. This one was especially blank and full of negative space. Neil plays "Dylan", a scientist turned novelist turned conspiracy theorist. He "hacks" into government files and discovers extremely vague information on worldwide corruption. He owns four laptops which he's constantly throwing around and spilling full cups of coffee on. He gets hit by a car and awakens some kind of sixth sense where he can walk through walls and astral project into a room covered in garbage bags. He likes to eat dry uncooked spinach and doesn't bother cleaning it up when it spills all over his papers. He loves creating and playing Jesus-like New Age characters who are spiritually linked with women half his age while overturning an ambiguously evil New World Order. This is the directing style of Neil Breen, and I hope he never stops.

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