Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★★

Sixty five years since the last earnest attempt at making a Godzilla film. I would follow him into the apocalypse, Godzilla is rarely wrong, rarely unworthy of my trust. Godzilla has given scary times, baby times, cultural evolution and now physical evolution. Amphibious landzilla is an unfortunate fish eyed creature. It is VERY uncomfortable to be Shin Godzilla. This is not a Godzilla you should "trust" and yet because of this fact, I do.

Politics in a Kaiju reality. I expect all governments to lay paralyzed dicks in hand in their ivory boardrooms while radioactive belly flops destroy humanity. Shin Godzilla doesn't care about Japan. He ain't protecting shit. Shin Godzilla is an abomination, as he was always intended to be. Natural disaster/Unnatural Disaster. The Godzilla we deserve at the turning point we've taken in our current climate. The Godzilla of a hopeless future. We can slow down the inevitable but he can't be stopped.

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