Dad Savage ★★½

A woven web of lies and murder! From the poster, I was expecting a western about Captain Picard as he hunts for the killers of his murdered son. What I got was a troupe of British losers who try to steal a suitcase full of money from a professional smuggler who runs a tulip farm. What unfolds is a dialog driven drama about how money corrupts us to commit the worst act imaginable upon those whom we once considered our family.

The plot to Dad Savage is quite good, and the script is equally wonderful. The movie mostly takes place at the scene of a final car crash where the characters confront each other. As the dynamics between them change as more information is revealed, we a given flashback scenes to what really happened. This method creates a strong sense of dramatic irony which, when delivered by the fantastically believable acting of all parties involved, makes you feel sick with sympathetic guilt.

Torture and extortion play a big role in this film, and each character is given the chance to show us where their limit rests. By seeing where each character gives in to their fears, we are given insight to their deeper personality. Bob (Joe McFadden) never gives up on his convictions, and tries to deescalate the situation to save his sister at all costs. Contrary to Bob is his best bud Vic (Marc Warren), and although Vic never breaks from his lies, every moment he is trying to find a way to escape with the money. H on the other hand (Kevin McKidd) has the weakest heart, and turns on his friend as soon as the slightest temptation gets to him, ending in murder.

The weakest part of dad Savage would have to be the action. Punches don't ever land convincingly, falling support beams drift slowly into actors, and a climactic knife fight feels like a high school stage production. Not only is the action slow, but much of the production outside of the actors feels simply basic. The cinematography felt unplanned, and there is very little to be said about the bland colours and uninspired framing, as if the director was unaware of how to make a compelling film on a more artistic level. The acting is great, but rather than wrapped up in a shiny bow, it was re-gifted to us in a cardboard box.

If you want to watch Dad Savage, just watch Green Room instead. You'll still get Picard, and you'll even get a better movie.