Midsommar ★★★★

Aside from a few minor "scary parts" that didn't make no god damn sense, Midsommar is a fantastic movie.

I was very much impressed by the framing of most shots. Many scenes in the first act of the film utilize mirrors and long, steady takes to show the viewer every angle of a scene at the same time. Other times when, a mirror is not present, entire conversations will happen with the camera only showing half of the people involved. You are given every opportunity to study their reactions and environment. A lot of hidden imagery and foreshadowing takes place in these backgrounds, which made watching each long take feel like solving a mysterious puzzle. These cryptic backgrounds are later echoed by the pained walls and tapestries at the Hårga.

Every cut in Midsommar felt intentional and well timed. After the opening prologue, and the camera tracks out through the window into the winter storm, the jump to the next scene was very impactful. This very early, hard cut from a terrifying Winter to a warm and happy Summer exemplifies the entire movie within a few frames. Nearly every terror in Midsommar is contrasted with bright lights, flowers, and smiling villagers. It left me feeling consistently uneasy, and I could feel myself going through the same emotional journey as our main character, Dani.

Now the dumb stuff.

Why did the oracle wear the face mask? Yeah they made reference to the children playing "Flay the Fool", but that was well before anyone had been killed. Seemed to simply be an attempt at Michael Meyers type gimmick.

There was a turning point where Christian started acting more and more like a ass, and it was right around when he decided to finally start working on his thesis. Pretty much every actions he does after that point felt unmotivated and simply for the purpose of creating conflict between characters, especially after the "book" went missing.

Where most of the deaths were ironic and well thought out, some stuff felt tacked on. Why was Josh's foot planted in the garden? Why was Christian put inside a bear? The imagery was set up in the backgrounds and tapestries, but the reasons felt lost on me.

My criticism should not dissuade you, though. I highly recommend Midsommar.

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