Annette ★★

Leos Carax's "Holy Motors" knocked me flat on my ass. The best film of 2012, daring, original, gonzo, thrilling. So, when "Annette" as announced -- a rock musical opera with Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard -- I was stoked. It took me a while, but on a musical kick, i jumped on it tonight. Look, it's jaw dropping ambitious, fuckin' original, with brilliance -- and, shit, no spark. It's also fatally overlong. Did I mention a puppet baby? There's a puppet baby. Driver throws himself into this film, full bodied, but his comedian character is one note Angry Male and absolutely unconvincing as a famous stage artist. Cotillard has less to do. Really she exists so Driver's Henry McHenry (hey, the film knows it's a film) can pop off. Basically, Fretful Woman. So many great ideas and many a great song, but it's a misfire. A loooong misfire.

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