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  • Come Clean

    Come Clean


    “...and then the farmer came home and shot the traveling salesman.”

  • Our Wife

    Our Wife


    The tiny car scene followed immediately by Ben Turpin as Justice of the Peace was comedy ecstasy. I cried tears of joy.

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  • Leonard Part 6

    Leonard Part 6


    It's horrifying to contemplate that Leonard Part 6 is only the second-worst thing that Bill Cosby has ever done.

  • Blue Ruin

    Blue Ruin


    Blue Ruin is a film which, much like its main character, seems hollowed out, scraped clean of all but the darkest and basest of human emotions. Though we witness every detail of Dwight's horrific, but understandable, quest for vengeance, we learn very little about him along the way. The real Dwight seems to have died along with his parents and any opportunities to learn more about the person he was, such as when he looks up his old high school…