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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

You would think after watching this so many times I would stop finding new things to talk about but guess what? This movie is fascinating and I’m never going to shut up about all the little things I find in it.

- Dani’s sister is there beside her the entire time after she is crowned May Queen and when she is lifted on the podium she turns into the infamous face in the trees 
- The next 9 elders to turn 72 are all gathered on the stage during Siv’s toast 
- Dani’s entire character journey is spelled out in the runes on her outfit
-  Before the big lake fight Dani sleeps facing Christian and every night after she sleeps facing Pelle
- For the second half of the film (particularly after Mark dies) Hanna is wearing an ankle brace 
- In the chat at the beginning of the movie you can see that Christian did make plans with Dani and he lied about it and in her phone you can see he ignored her last call to him 
- All of these sad things happen to Dani right around Christmas (near the winter solstice)

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