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This review may contain spoilers.

I mean the joke really is on anybody who actually believed Al Pacino’s 80 year old ass was showing up today as Nightmare or Mephisto. 

I love how the show started out and I do think it shows a glimmer of the creativity that Marvel could achieve in the future and I’m so excited for a lot of the things to come (Ms. Marvel, Eternals, Guardians Holiday Special). It did end up descending into normal Marvelness and that’s fine, I just wish the finale had been more.
I do feel bad for Aaron Johnson though (for many reasons 🤮) and I would have loved to see him again in some capacity.  It is absolutely fucking hilarious though that Evan Peters was only there for a boner joke because seeing nerds losing their minds is fun. 

For what reason did we have to see Wanda watch Vision die again when White Vision was there and actually Vision? I’m guessing because it would have been way too Rose Tyler/ The Doctor, but it still doesn’t make much sense???

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