Melancholia ★★★★

Roulette Week 39
Recommended by Hollmane
Theme: Psychedelic

This film did not emotionally resonate with me in the way I think was intended, and honestly, thank God.

I've only seen one other LVT film up to this point, and although I think he's a bit of a prick, it still ended up in my Top 10, so this film had high expectations from me.

As someone who enjoys space phenomena and astronomy, this was very interesting, until it took on a separate meaning, but not the one I've seen most people discussing, after my viewing.

I took the film as a study on inevitability from the eyes of 4 different (brilliantly acted) viewpoints: The Optimist (John), The Pessimist (Claire), The Realist (Justine) and The Innocent (Leo).

Seeing the IMDb goofs section dissect the physics of the planet and how "such and such" would've happened before "such and such" is completely missing the point of the film. Whatever the planet represents, be it Depression, Inevitability or something entirely different, it's a metaphor and not something to be put to a realistic mirror.

The fact this has given me this much to talk about tells me I enjoyed it, even if I wasn't entirely "emotionally" effected by it. Perhaps it'll be revisited in a decade or so, once a bit more life has been lived.

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