The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns ★★★

Not as bad as I had remembered, but it really does suffer from thinking that more is better. There's more CGI, more monsters, big battles, water mummies, smoke mummies, and a whole bunch of unnecessary junk about reincarnations and prophesies. The simplicity of the first is why people like it today, and there's a lot of money thrown at the screen that should have been used to get better writers. It's such a shame that both Rick and Evie feel so different from the last time we saw them. It's not like they've grown as characters, it's that they've had a lot of the fun sucked out of them. Rachel Weisz who is the MVP of the first movie spends so much time looking worried or distant as she has another memory flashback. It's all very disappointing, and I doubt I'll ever be compelled to watch this ever again... The question is, will I rewatch the third one for the first time? I remember that being a pretty miserable experience.

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