The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

First day in ages that I've given two 5-star ratings in quite some time (maybe the first time).

I couldn't have picked a better follow up to Persona - they make quite the double feature as they both examine similar themes.

At the moment, I'd say this is the better film and I enjoyed it a tad more - but perfect scores nonetheless.

Kieślowski has phenomenal control over the film in every aspect. From the sound design to the casting and portrayal of the other characters that hold similarities from one Veronique to the next.

It's an incredible meditation of our very existence and what it consists of. Life's full of phenomenons that we can't fully understand, and can only feel - which it completely nails on the head.

I think my main reason to liking this over Persona is that I felt more for this film: it nailed the mood/tone very well.

I know this review is more like me blubbering, but it's truly just swept me away and I can't really churn out a worthy review at the moment. Certainly one that I should have watched sooner - I guess Ingmar was right.

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