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  • The Wedding Date

    The Wedding Date


    Would I pay $6000 for Dermot Mulroney? [REDACTED]

    This is not good, but it DID have a sex scene where Dermot Mulroney's chest hair is well lit and Maroon 5's "Secret" is playing in the background, so POINTS WERE MADE.

  • To Sleep with Anger

    To Sleep with Anger

    A fascinatingly low-key film that slowly creeps up on you. One could argue some elements are too obvious (the trumpeting child next door, the patriarch's name 'Gideon'), but the way it all comes together by the end is nothing short of magical.

    The ensemble, held together by Danny Glover's charming yet enigmatic performance, pulls off Charles Burnett's mythical film.

    Also, Carl Lumbly is so handsome I can't stand it.

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  • Paris Blues

    Paris Blues


    Did y'all know Paul Newman is hot AF?

  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    There is such a profound focus in the making of this movie, Granik is so straightforward in exploring character and telling us the story of this parent and child and the people they come across. She understands the power of stillness, of capturing of actors' soft energies (Thomasin McKenzie is sublime). Simple, straightforward storytelling that's quite beautiful.