F9 ★★★½


This had me for a second -- from the opening scene to the first set-piece *before* the land mine segment, it seemed like the magic might've been gone, but then these beautiful motherfuckers started driving over landmines exploding everything around them ultimately culminating in Dom's charging flying attached to a steel cable. Incredible content didn't miss a beat from there. Everything is nutty and heightened, but emotional core solid as always. I think this film highlights very well what I love about the franchise -- completely nonsensical, but also completely in line with the spirit of it. Take the Jacob plot for example; it doesn't really make any sense but it fits perfectly with the heart of the franchise. This goes for everything here, so it all fits together into this delightfully idiosyncratic and deliriously entertaining package. Anyways the point here is that everything fits really well with the franchise, the emotions hit, and the cars are FUCKING fast. This shit rules.

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