RoboCop ★★★


100 Years 100/646

Verhoeven is a director who feels like he’s made for me; seamlessly blending genre elements, fun, and satire into a package that’s a blast the whole way through. I love the concept, I love the action, and dear god do I love the gore. The effects are off the chain and I’m pretty sure this film singlehandedly bankrupted several blood squib companies. As for the satire, it’s extremely blunt and works for exactly that reason. Verhoeven makes his ideas clear from the jump; he mainly looks to attack police departments as an organization with a monopoly on violence, but also blends in critiques of corporate control, consumerism, and the glorification of guns and violence within American culture. Nothing here is too complex or enlightening, but its simplicity is its strong suit; he tackles these ideas easily and directly while still telling a wildly entertaining story. Verhoeven hasn’t missed yet!