Skyfall ★★★

64/100(was a 46/100)

Clearly I was very far off base, because this rules! Most obvious here is the cinematography, which is nothing short of stunning. The final sequences in the house, as well as some in the casino early on, are genuinely insane for something in a James Bond movie. The blend of colors, particularly the deep, dark oranges peering through darkness, populating the edges of the frame, and slowly moving inwards are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the tone. Deakins killed it as is always the case, and it's all the better for it -- without his work, scenes wouldn't carry half the tension and weight that they do. Even that aside, this is a really well-crafted slow-burn that's consistently engaging. It drags a bit in the second act, but that's more than made up for by the sublime first and third acts. Really glad I got to revisit this because it's really, really good; don't know what I was thinking last time around.

2nd watch