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  • The Wild Bunch
  • La Dolce Vita
  • GoodFellas
  • Annie Hall

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  • The Munsters


  • Inferno


  • Triangle of Sadness


  • The Student Nurses


Pinned reviews

  • Amsterdam



    “David O. Russell’s top-heavy, Prohibition-era farce lumbers down a very long runway without ever really taking flight. Reckless and sometimes quite silly, nothing about Amsterdam works, per se. And yet, there’s a loopy, eager energy to the picture that inspires a peculiar affection. It’s a blundering mess of a movie, but an endearing one.” - WBUR’s Arts & Culture, 10/06/2022

  • Blonde



    “I don’t begrudge anyone for not wanting to sit through a movie this miserable and intentionally upsetting, but the trigger warning is right there in the NC-17 rating and there’s no shame in not being tall enough for the ride. There should be a place for films like Blonde to explore unpleasant images and ideas for an adult audience, preferably one that knows how to behave in public.” - WBUR’s Arts & Culture, 09/27/2022

Recent reviews

  • Bros



    “So many of the movie’s running gags are about how comfortably gay pop culture has become, including a mercilessly funny flashback to Bobby’s Queer Eye audition and a less successful Brokeback parody. These bits only amplify the disconnect between the picture’s posturing as a milestone and the feeling that it’s awfully late to the party.” - North Shore Movies, 09/30/2022

  • The Good House

    The Good House


    ”It’s a perfect role for Sigourney Weaver, whose crisp, patrician air always seems to be keeping something wilder just barely in check. Directors Forbes and Wolodarsky try to liven things up by having her break the fourth wall and confide in the audience directly, a gimmick that’s been so abused on television as of late I’d be happy to see it retired for a while.” - North Shore Movies, 09/29/2022

Popular reviews

  • X



    “A much better Texas Chainsaw Massacre tribute than that wretched thing on Netflix last month and way smarter about slasher movies than the recent Scream sequel, writer-director Ti West’s X is a deliciously grisly entertainment existing on a level of craft well above most multiplex offerings, genre or otherwise. It is blessedly content to be a blast." - North Shore Movies, 03/18/2022

  • Nomadland



    “Not unpleasant, which is a problem. I’ve never seen a movie full of real people that feels so phony. Nobody ever gets angry. They don’t say swears, get drunk, bear any resentments or do anything at all that might disrupt this soothing appeal to socially conscious Whole Foods shoppers who will undoubtedly feel good about themselves rooting for a Disney movie about homelessness to win the Oscar.” - Spliced Personality, 09/25/2020