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I think what I like most about Jordan's films is that I walk out a bit confused or catatonic or bemused going huh? ๐Ÿค” and I know that sounds counter intuitive for a blockbuster but that's why for me it works so well. I feel moments could have been added for more character development but the ambiguity is also the point? Something for me just clicked a couple of hours now after seeing it about Steven Yeun's character and that precisely is why I LOVE his filmmaking. It's wierd, crazy, spectacular, imperfect, odd, scary and most of all thought provoking. Alot of people shit on 'US' saying the plot didn't hold up with scrutiny, yeah? Really? So the fuck what!? I say, to be honest I want a film to make me wonder, not to be completely tight this obsession with plot holes and shit is embarrassing. Toss interesting ideas up in the air and let's see what we can figure from it in perfect style, as he does which gets me on board everytime. Some films I seem to need everything to make sense or be air tight I've never felt that with his films, same way I feel about Tarkovsky films, I just need the film maker to bleed it dry with sure craft and energy.

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