The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

There is a moment in the incredible Polly Platt season of You Must Remember This where Polly—an unsung hero of the New Hollywood movement— fights to get Bottle Rocket made because it’s unlike anything she had ever read, then later after it was filmed she goes into the edit bay and is horrified by what she sees because Wes Anderson didn’t get a single moment of coverage. The original editor quits because he think it’s going to be a terrible movie, and Polly realizes that this will be the end of her in Hollywood. But she pushed on and fought for the movie despite not completely understanding what Wes Anderson was trying to accomplish.

This movie may be dedicated to many writers of the New Yorker but I see it as almost a love letter to those who champion you, the mentors, the elders who do have notes, but they believe in you to such a degree they allow you, the artist, to create whatever you want.

Anyway, I loved it.

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