Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Well not as good as Endgame but still really good.

Now I wasn’t excepting this to be better than the likes of Endgame or Spider Verse But it’s still a really good film.

In terms of negatives I’d say the first half while it does have good moments like Peter needing to leave an interview because of the pressure he has of living up to Tony and Aunt May having a shelter for people who didn’t survive the Snap and yes I’m calling it the snap because that’s what is was pretty good but the first half does have some slow moments that kinda drag at points.

In terms of positives however Mysterio while not the best MCU villain he’s easily my favorite Spider-Man movie villain Jake does such a great job playing him he’s funny,charming and scary all at the same time and chemistry he has with Tom is amazing and I am happy to finally see Mysterio in a live action Spidey flick and see his powers of illusion and that is backstory is an illusion that works well.

Tom Holland continues to be fantastic people complain about how villains like Mysterio and Vulture come from the mistakes of the Avengers but it makes sense for Vulture Tony saw it as them making sure the Alien tech isn’t used for evil but Vulture saw it as his job ruined same for Mysterio but his lives work is used for Tony and named turn to BARF also Peter is the one fighting normal people while the other heroes are fighting Aliens or Super Soilders Peter has to face the Everyman and Tom does a great job and his breakout on the plane with Happy is very nice and his new suits look nice.

Also Zendaya does a good job and her and Holland chemistry is better than Tobey and Kristen from the Rami films.Also Happy was good and the comedy for the most part was well done.

The action and special affects where amazing seeing Mysterio using illusions to destroy Peter mind was awesome to finally see on screen and having Peter beat Mysterio by closing his eyes was smart and I loved the reference they did do when Cap had his shield and Mjølnir and stuff like Mysterio and Peter fighting the elementals was great.

Overall FFH is a really good movie maybe if i rewatch it it could get an S Rank but it’s definitely my favorite life action Spidey Flick Also seeing the Mid credits scene with JK back in action was perfection.

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