My YouTube channel is “Sean Riggen”, I post videos, music (some with samples of movies in them,) bands I’ve been in and random stuff.

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  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    I got this as a blu-ray+DVD combo pack for $4.99 on Amazon. The movie is ok and I’m disappointed it doesn’t have feature commentary, but it does have English Audio Description, which is like someone reading the screenplay to you as you watch the movie. All movies should have this option, it’s great.

  • Earth vs. the Spider

    Earth vs. the Spider

    I got this movie in “5 for $20” special at blockbuster back in the day, that’s how they would get rid of the shitty movies, you can never find more than 3 that are actually any good, and I got scammed on this one.
    1. The title makes it sound better than it is.🖕🏻
    2. It’s supposed to be set in the past, but they mention BMW and use electronic credit card machines?🖕🏻
    3. Why does John Cho have an accent?🖕🏻
    4. Is that Ben Savage from “Boy Meets World?”🖕🏻
    5. Spider-Man rip-off.🖕🏻
    F.T.M. 🖕🏻🤬🖕🏻with a better title for this movie, “Spider-Boy Meets World”

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  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    I didn’t realize this was a Cronenberg film when I scored this gem in the bargain bin at Blockbuster back in the day. I get the “feels” every time I watch it.
    Watched it with Cronenberg commentary. It’s a trip how his voice sounds the same every time he speaks.

  • We Summon the Darkness

    We Summon the Darkness

    This movie was annoying. Listing all the shit that annoyed me about this movie is annoying, so I‘ll keep it simple, MOVIE DUMB.
    F.T.M. 🖕🏻🤬🖕🏻with an upside-down cross.