Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

Kylo Ren: The Supreme Leader is dead.

General Hux (choking): Long live the Supreme Leader...

Middle-aged Man Next to Me: What did he say?

His Wife: He said "You are the Supreme Leader."


Honestly has the emotional quality of ESB and RotJ.

Adam Driver proves me wrong- Ren is the best acted (sorry Lando) and most compelling (sorry Anakin) character of the whole series.

Another new thing: honest to God ORIGINAL directing choices. The voice over Rey gives as she experiences disappointment in the pit... the slow pace of it, as it bleeds into the present, a confession with Kylo... on it's face it is so decidedly un-Star Wars. But fuck Star Wars, it worked, and it is a contender for best scene of the series (was the pained grimace Luke made crying "that's impossible" what campy Star Wars was "about" at the time?).

It's also a very pretty movie, and the action scenes are great. Except for the jokes and double-takes that come during the action scenes (ugh, BB-8 in the walker), rather than after, deflating the pacing. Even with that, this movie could have been my favorite of the whole series, if it weren't for all them fucking Pokemon.

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