Midnight Run ★★★★½

An absolute blast from start to finish, easily one of Robert De Niro's best performances too. Jack Walsh, an ex-cop turned bounty hunter, is sent to New York to apprehend and turn in an accountant who stole money from a mob boss. However, he also has the FBI, a fellow bounty hunter and the Mafia on his trail, also looking for the accountant.

De Niro absolutely shines as the Jack Walsh, the chain smoking and foul mouthed bounty hunter who wants nothing more than his hundred grand. Alongside him we've Charles Grodin as the innocently mannered but devious accountant. Him and De Niro have simply perfect chemistry, they do a brilliant job at playing off eachother. In supporting roles we've Yaphet Khotto as the FBI agent who can't seem to catch a break in his case, Joe Pantolanio as the sleazy bail bonds man and John Ashton as the other, slightly dim witted bounty hunter.

The whole film is paced and perfectly and written, the dialogue is utterly sharp. Martin Brest's direction is quite solid. This may be my favourite of his. Danny Elfman contributes one of the best soundtracks of the eighties, filled with sizzling synthesisers and electric guitars.

Pretty much this is a masterful comedy thriller. Definitely one of the most enjoyable films I've ever watched.

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