Midsommar ★★★★

Ari... you good dude?
One thing’s for sure your filmmaking is good. It’s actually like... really really great. And Florence Pough better get nominated, I mean my god, what a performance. The surrounding cast was fine, but she was out of this world. But looking at filmmaking in this movie: The movie’s visual motifs, while in your face at times, still felt very thematically relevant and is a good mood setter for the audience. There are some brilliant scene transitions and establishing shots. The kind of stuff that makes me laugh at myself because it was so good. And the opening of the movie is just pitch perfect for the tone and overhanging dread looming over the entire plot of the movie. I actually enjoyed the comic relief character, mostly because as a scary cat for horror movies I need the levity to keep things grounded. Because by the end of the movie when of course it’s all gone to hell, I felt like I was floating outside of my own head. And while the final shot isn’t as much of an artistic stamp like Hereditary‘s was, the implications of it is just as terrifying and also relieving in some ways? As someone who has fortunately gone through life so far without having to process a heavy amount of grief, I was able to be more entranced in the actions of Dani and the characters around her as well as the cult. It wasn’t that I saw myself in her, but being in the position of seeing someone who is in such pain but feels so human go through this crazy experience kept me on the edge of my seat regardless. I mostly avoided spoilers here just because for those who are still on the fence about it... I recommend it. I had to be peer pressured into it, but I’m glad I went, because this is one of those movies that are best experienced in theaters.

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