Selfie Dad

Selfie Dad ★★

It’s a lot more charming and less “fake” feeling than some mainstream releases, sure it’s stylistically stale and comically awkward but it’s somewhat competent and mostly endearing.
The main issues are the “plot holes”, the dad who edits one advert for a living but gets his son to do it for him, the comedian who isn’t funny to begin with, the It’s A Wonderful Life opening that’s never followed up, the fact this really has nothing to do with anything, let alone selfies or the bible.
Besides the smug coworker, the Christian element to this film isn’t that off putting, it has a sort of self aware charisma that’s not successful in the way it wants to be but it’s still fun.
Don’t get me wrong, terrible film, just surprisingly not as deluded, offensive or preachy as I expected. It does however have a “how you doing fellow kids” vibe that’s arguably made worse by the religious backing but for me makes it easier to “forgive”.
It helps to watch with friends, alone I’d probably be more cynical, nothing’s stopping me from ordering a Selfie Dad mug though.

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