Her ★★★★

thoughts I had during the progress of this movie:

- "I'm yours and I'm not yours" is the straight up motto of every open relationship out there
- so A.I.- human relationships are normal around here then...?
- THE COLORS ARE VISUALLY PLEASING (is the future really this aesthetically pleasing?)
- I didn't know it is even possible to harbor feelings of being in love with 641 people
- Chris Pratt is in this movie??
- This is a satirical poke on our over-attachment with technology and how our human race is declining in terms of interaction and communication between those of the same species. Right?
- Shouldn't it be easy to make an A.I. body considering that this is a world that, well, has A.I. this advanced??
- for some reason I can really see their relationship through the piano instrumental
- the memories and flashbacks that appeared didn't have any background music which may sound awkward but it really helped make it more realistic
- EVERy SCENE IS JUST SO PRETTY (even the cast God bless)
- so they still write letters and emails???
- Theodore is a pretty nice name

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