Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

No ill will toward director Ronny Yu, but not everyday we get an Elm Street and Friday the 13th entry that feels nestled in the same world as Bride of Chucky (1998). Coming from the studio that Freddy built, the story treats Jason merely as a means to an end. From Yu's mandate, Ken Kirzinger's robotic portrayal loses all of Kane Hodder's measured viciousness (and accidental bruised ribs for Englund). Could have draped a hockey mask and machete on a mannequin slowly tooled about on caster wheels and audiences would've been none the wiser.

The few twenty-somethings scrambling around in their absence were probably sketched out on a napkin and we're stuck with them for far too long. What's Freddy and Jason doing? Who cares, let's concentrate on that one guy, what's her face, and Katharine Isabelle instead. At least when on-screen Robert Englund gets to have feature-length fun one last time as Krueger. Hard to imagine he'd be throwing out "bitch" so liberally if made today. Calling Jason an asshole alone deserves two stars.

Can't complain too much; New Line finally cobbled together a Freddy vs. Jason after many false starts and everyone would've have never stopped grumbling if they hadn't (think Undertaker vs. Sting). Although if this crossover had been made in the late '80s as originally planned, the seismic shift throughout the genre would've still been felt today, along with likely seeming much more attuned to the styles of both franchises. Watched via New Line's Platinum Series DVD.

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