John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 ★★★★★

When I saw my mutuals give this five stars, when Comrade Yui compared this to Terminator 2, I thought you guys were bullshitting.

…No, you were right. This is fucking awesome.

Can’t think of a film that made me “oooh” and “ooof” and “lol” this much in a long time. My biggest complaint with this series has always been a lack of variety- you can make a movie about a guy just shooting people in the face but the how people get violently killed has to change just as much as the where and why- I always thought Chapter 2 was a bit of a flop in this regard and that Chapter 3 was much better… this is a monumental leap forward— bows and arrows, nunchucks, playing cards, tantōs and katanas, DMRs and ARs, dogs, pencils, lever action rifles, flintlocks, cars, the trusty pistol and hand to hand combo, and a certain shotgun in what is probably going to go down in history books as an all time classic movie gunfight. Add to that a surprising (but never unwelcome!) amount of slapstick cartoon violence and you have an absolute crowd pleaser on your hands.

I was wobbling between a four and five star rating for this. The middle has a long exposition dump that was getting a bit boring, Keanus acting still hasn’t improved much, it left my stepdad (whose only seen the first JW) a bit in the cold, the story is kind of pants, but then they kick on that JW1 track in that sequence, a sequence that proudly declares “look how far we’ve come”, and I knew I had to go with my heart and not my brain. You paid money to see people get shot in the face for three hours and by god do you get a good return on your investment.

This is probably the best action movie of the year, and definitely going to be seen by the public as one of the best action movies in the last decade.

To quote the letterboxd meme: “Yeah, I’m thinking ★★★★★!”

(Ps (spoilers) did they announce John Wick 5 before they finalised the story or was it gonna be in two halves? Because I don’t know how you follow up on this without it being a prequel or pull some TDKR bullshit lol)

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