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  • Over Your Dead Body

    Over Your Dead Body


    Not really saying anything in particular, mostly Uncle Miike chilling with some good spooky vibes!!!

    God bless Ebi-chan trying to act for the camera (he was good for most of it tho!).

  • Slayers Great

    Slayers Great


    This was stupid as hell and twice as fun. God I miss 90s anime.

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  • In This Corner of the World

    In This Corner of the World


    Let's be clear: the unconscionable carpet bombings by the US of the Japanese mainland and the use of the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unimaginable crimes against humanity. At the same time, however, that Japan was the victim of an uncontrovertibly racism-inflected, imperialistic approach from the US, it was conducting its own deeply racist project of imperialism in the South Pacific.

    You would not know that from this film.

    This film works very hard instead to present us…

  • Cipher



    oh sure, when hideaki anno runs out of money three times in a row it's "art," but when this prescient work anticipates every multimedia franchise approach of the next 30 years it's "bewildering" and "not a movie" and "an inexplicable series of decontextualized images and scenes within scenes quoted by scenes set to music for no discernable reason", I see!!! Creamy Mami WHOMST? Everyone who wrote their thesis about Vocaloid or otome game CDs or 2.5d fandom can go HOME and hang their heads in SHAME!

    (not gonna lie I legit loved this. i NEVER want the full backstory.)