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  • Her
  • The Prestige
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • The Game

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  • Looking for Her


  • Snajka: Diary of Expectations

  • Fairy Garden

  • Apolonia, Apolonia


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  • Mutt



    I wanted to like this more...felt quite shallow -- at the end of the film I barely feel like I know him. There are still many questions.
    The scene with the dad saved the film.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    I usually love coming of age films but this one...I cannot relate. This is the girl who bullied me as a teen so🖕🏾

    The only time I empathised was with the shitty bf other than that very bratty and selfish. Also couldn't relate to the mother-daughter thing which apparently is a big reason people like the film.

Popular reviews

  • His House

    His House


    There's a good reason they got such a big house afterall...

    Did not go in the direction I thought (the Brits as the main antagonist).

    Very rare story about African migrants' survivor's guilt, PTSD, and struggle to "adapt".

    Really wish they had done more with the main monster once he appeared. The ghosts felt *very* African horror but the main monster felt like a discount Voldemort 😔

    Criticisms: story hard to follow, characters feel distant/hard to know deeply. The monster did not feel very African.

    Strengths: Acting, cinematography, themes

  • Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)

    Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)


    Love how this shows every day life in Nigeria, especially for the poor.

    Use of generators, power cuts, harsh mortuary policies, the struggle for a better quality of life...the disdain of middle class towards the poor/working class.

    Beautiful, intentional lighting and framing.