• Four Daughters

    Four Daughters


    CW: sexual assault, emotional abuse

  • Love Again

    Love Again


    Sweet romcom!

  • Mutt



    I wanted to like this more...felt quite shallow -- at the end of the film I barely feel like I know him. There are still many questions.
    The scene with the dad saved the film.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    I usually love coming of age films but this one...I cannot relate. This is the girl who bullied me as a teen so🖕🏾

    The only time I empathised was with the shitty bf other than that very bratty and selfish. Also couldn't relate to the mother-daughter thing which apparently is a big reason people like the film.

  • Bros



    I actually enjoyed this

  • Fair Play

    Fair Play


    This made me so angry. I can't understand why she stayed so long massaging his stupid ego. Then the final scene is laughable. I almost forgot about the sheer implausibility of the bathroom scene at the beginning smh.

  • Hypnotic




  • Barbie



    I barely saw the feminism here. Feels very pinkwashed.

    "By giving voice to the cognitive dissonance required to be a woman under the patriarchy you robbed it of its power." I wish thats how it worked. Instantly, magically.

    I found the descriptions of women's experiences under patriarchy interesting and the resulting existential crisis/depression compelling but aside that, the proposed "solutions" were oversimplified and silly.

    And then right after complaining about patriarchy, using the same socialised femininity to manipulate men to change the constitution back? Ugh. Frustrating.

  • Timecrimes



    Entertaining but very confusing

  • Basic Instinct

    Basic Instinct


    TW: rape

    I regret watching this. It didn't make sense and the rape scene that was glossed over?? This is just about a shitty horny guy disconnecting his brain so he can bang

  • Bottoms



    My friends and I barely laughed...thanks for ruining queer film night

  • The Others

    The Others


    I have to add half a star because this film has been living in my head rent free...