Midsommar ★★★★½

*updated my rating on midsommar by adding a half star after rewatching the uncut version bcs its really really really fucked up!!*

ari aster has done it again!! midsommar was disturbing yet beautiful and the plot was so damn good. it provides a visually captivating cinematic experience for disturbing conflicts and narrative. and yes, the scoring is so fucking amazing it’s unreal???!?!! midsommar is deeply fucked and made me mentally ill BUT i love it. ari aster makes me feel uncomfortable, scared, disturbed, paranoid, sad, and all that. this movie was a ‘holy shit what the fuck is going on’ but in the good type of way??? he is really doing something to subvert the horror genre on its head. tbh i wanna know what goes on in his head on a daily basis. oh and btw, it’s not an ari aster film unless someone’s fuckin head gets smashed in lol.

**the true hereditary experience is after midnight until 6am and the true midsommar experience is from 6am to 9pm. between 9pm and midnight is clam the fuck down hours but im more than willing to give it up for a third ari aster horror movie omg i cant wait??!?!!!**

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