The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½


Ok so overall the devil all the time was pretty good. My critiques would be that it definitely could’ve been trimmed by 30 mins, it WASTED all of the female actors and was a little slow at the beginning. Tom Holland was really good and it was nice seeing him show some range in his acting (I think he’ll be fine once he’s done with marvel) Robert Pattinson had me cracking up with that accent 😭 I screamed when he said DELUSIONS!! but he was great and played his villain role well, RILEY KEOUGH ATE, and the rest of the cast was great too. The story was a slow burn generational drama and we don’t see movies like that often and the way it talked about the passing sins was engaging.

So while the story was okay, I definitely recommend for the acting alone.

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