The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

interesting how many critiques of this movie called it emotionally detached, because i found it to be quite touching!!! 

-otherwise i think maybe it’s gonna be a suicide. and that’s why i signed up for clay pottery and basket weaving.

-why are you crying?
-tear gas. and also, i suppose i’m sad.

-post-script to a burst appendix 

-the touching narcissism of the young 

-i just wasn’t in the mood to be a disappointment to everybody.

-that’s the best part of the whole thing. that’s the reason for it to be written.

a note for the film journalists/professionals following me…. this is my first year getting awards season dvd screeners in the mail, and this is the first one i’ve watched. are they always such *miserable* quality??? even the subtitles were horribly grainy! and it made me feel insane to watch a movie by wes anderson of all people in such shit visual conditions.

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