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  • I'm So Excited!

    I'm So Excited!

    Almodovar? Seriously? Rather than being the work of a maestro, this tedious, cheap and unfunny fluff feels more like the work of Brian Almodovar from Dunedin. Like a jumbo jet with a slow leak.

  • Be Happy!

    Be Happy!

    Every lover of camp movie kitsch has just GOT to make a point of watching this inelegant musical mess. Be Happy! is so awful, it's an instant classic of the genre. I promise, if you're a fan of over-indulgent, genial and sentimental tack, you're gonna LOVE it!

    In a clearly expensive production filmed in a number of truly stunning settings in Spain and in England, we meet a caste of actors - they would be the pride of many small-town…

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  • The Old Man & the Gun

    The Old Man & the Gun


    I can’t believe Redford would be proud of this as his swan song. The script for the Old Man & the Gun is simple and formulaic, demanding little more than a sleepwalk from any of its cast of celebrities. Such a disappointing curtain call for a once great actor.

    Unhappily the old man bows out with a cliched yawn.

  • Toni Erdmann

    Toni Erdmann


    Tony Erdmann has been described as a tenderly funny film, as a ‘German comedy with bite’. It’s not.

    Is more than one version of this awfulness doing the rounds? This is one of those times when I feel I must have been sitting in another theatre watching something completely different to what other people claim to have seen.

    Tony Erdmann is a sad and lonely father who wants to get closer to his daughter, a very busy and struggling modern…