Prey ★★★½


Best Predator movie since the original (if that means anything). The atmosphere is incredibly authentic. From the costumes, to the production design, to the music, to the wide landscapes, to the variety of locations. This film clearly understands the time period and culture it represents and it wouldn’t have worked without it. It’s so smart in the way it utilizes the natural location as it’s able to be much more practical with its stunts instead of constant CGI. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Predator-Prey theme as the catalyst for the story as it tests our protagonist and is much more in-line with what the Predator actually is. The action is very good and creative (lots of good weapons), however, the dark lighting and cuts are very frustrating. Especially because some of the kills can be so brutal, constant cutaways will test a man’s patience. I will commend the use of weapons though because as I lifelong fan of the mythos, I really appreciated the arsenal of weapons at disposal. I also kinda wish we had more of an ensemble surrounding Naru, like what Dutch had in the original. All good though. Hope we get more self-contained franchise films like this in the future!

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