A Star Is Born ★★★★½

love isn’t enough. 

i’ve seen all the stars be born now, and here is my ranking.
1. the gaga/cooper version. don’t think anything will ever top the feeling i got in the cinema watching them do shallow on stage for the first time, or at the end when she looks into the camera. 
2. this one. judy garland is head and shoulders above everyone in this movie, and maybe everyone in every movie. the sequence where he’s made her a sandwich and she sings the song she’s been filming that day and they’re kissing and the door goes and the postman doesn’t recognise him and the mood changes is just absolutely incredible. 
3. the og one. i will tell anyone who will listen to me that dorothy parker contributed to the script
4. the streisand one. unfortunately it’s too long and boring and the songs don’t slap. their relationship feels too isolated, it doesn’t feel like they’ve created a whole world the way the other films do, which may have been the intention of the filmmakers but i didn’t like it. babs is great, it just wasn’t to my taste.

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