Hamilton ★★★★½

Personal Rating: 9.5

Note: I have never seen the Hamilton musical in-person, so my thoughts are only on what is seen in this filmed version rather than how it compares to the experience of seeing it on a theatre. Because of this, I expected a lot more dialogue that I had never heard as a result of only listening to the musical recordings... dialogue that never came. This is almost all music, and that’s probably a good thing, because the vast majority of the songs in Hamilton are actually really good. You can tell how meticulously crafted each line is, leaving the audience hanging on every last double entendre and metaphor. Each performer is excellent in their roles (none of the double roles seem out of place, which is really impressive), and all of their live singing/rapping are as good as any studio recording could be. It’s really a feat to behold, and although I have some moral hangups of portraying slave owners with such honor, this musical/film is too good for me to pass up because of that. Average on stress, by the way.


P.S. Eliza deserved so much better.