Mystery of the Wax Museum

Mystery of the Wax Museum ★★★★

Really loved the atmosphere in this one, partly due to the strange colors produced by the early two-strip Technicolor that gives it a comic-book quality. I'd love to see someone film with the same process today as an experiment - I don't even know if the film and equipment still exists to do it properly. It's also quite nasty at times, and definitely creepy. Glenda Farrell steals the movie from Fay Wray as a fast-talking, boozy reporter who never misses a chance to insult her stuffy male co-actors and slug out of a bottle of whiskey. Clearly the inspiration for the later House Of Wax with Vincent Price but I think I prefer this version just slightly. Seems underrated for how good a film it is and the pedigree of its director Michael Curtiz (Casablanca).

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