Favorite films

  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Howl's Moving Castle
  • Brave
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Recent activity

  • Mr. Soft Touch

  • Road to Paradise

  • Bell, Book and Candle

  • It Happens Every Thursday

Recent reviews

  • Mr. Soft Touch

    Mr. Soft Touch

    I had no idea this was a Christmas movie, I just wanted to watch more Evelyn Keyes movies!
    Maybe should have saved it for december but it was quite a good watch no matter what time of year in my opinion.
    Evelyn was so cute with her little fringe and the story kept me on my toes throughout. I dunno about that ending though.

  • Road to Paradise

    Road to Paradise

    this was such a cute little movie! a little simple and slow in places and the acting was a little stiff but it was so much fun to see Loretta playing 2 parts and I love these identical strangers/found family type of stories!

Popular reviews

  • The Gorgeous Hussy

    The Gorgeous Hussy

    That feeling when you watch a movie knowing nothing other than the title and that Joan Crawford is in it and it ends up being a dull political American history drama.
    Kind of sad a movie with this many great actors could feel like such a chore to watch. Joan was lovely in her period costumes though.

  • The Divorce of Lady X

    The Divorce of Lady X

    This was so extremely cute, sweet and funny!
    The more I watch with Merle the more I fall in love.