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  • Spawn



    John Leguizamo....I don't know if he gained 300 lbs to play the role but he was like..a ball.

    I wish Shadowhawk and Philip had more of a presence in this film. It would have gotten 5 stars from me if so. Also I thought Spawn was French??

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    I was blackout drunk when I watched this so I appreciated how much of the dialogue was exposition. At one point I fell asleep and I remember drifting back into consciousness briefly when Adam Driver was singing his little song and wondering when the movie turned into a musical, since the song was also all exposition much like a show tune.

    I feel like Noah Baumbach watched Possession and said "yeah I can do that" and....didn't.

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  • Sombre



    Something about this was nauseating start to finish. It felt like being trapped in a dark room with a light switch that doesn't work. Nothing explicit, but plenty to make you sick.

  • Angst



    There's a lot I could say about this film. It is genuine psychosis on screen. Gerard Kargl was tapping into something feral and raw when he made this film.
    I've never felt before watching this film that I was *meant* to see something but this felt like destiny. Everything about it felt like it was speaking directly to me, and I felt equally like a killer and a victim when I watched this. This movie is an evil Ouroboros. My…