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  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    Even though it's a bit long (and therefore gets lost in the middle somewhere), it pleasantly surprised me. Beautifully shot, clever script with the feminist discourse subtley woven in the story, and with a spot on performance by Millie Bobby Brown. Happy that these are the type of stories young girls are growing up with.

  • Mulan



    Even though it starts out a little cheesy, it ends up being empowering and emotional. The story remains simple, and though it may lack some character development, it focuses on Mulan's journey in a way that makes you care about her.
    The action scenes are beautifully shot and the rhythm of the storytelling is impecable: It never feels long or boring.
    As a woman in a man's world, I appreciated the feminist elements.

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Rarely have I ever been so disappointed by a film. The adaptation is one of the worst I've ever seen: it completely fails to capture the essence of the book. Poorly acted and with a script that pretty much spells everything out for you. Not even the fun Shinning scene and cool cameos can save it.

  • Paddington



    Lovely film with unique visuals and moving performances. A joy to watch.