The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ ★★★½

I don’t have a relationship with Jesus, but I can tell Mel Gibson does. My politics have recently brought me to a spiritual faith, something I’ve never had and am not familiar with. In fact, I was always hostile towards it before learning to be class conscious because without Marx and material politics the easiest answer to “why is everything bad” was religion. All that has been reversed and though I don’t know what shape my faith will take, I’m happy to be exploring it. Here, Gibson wants us to feel what Jesus felt so we may know what he went through for us. It’s a gorgeous film and his talent as a director makes what’s basically a 2-hour Cersei walk of atonement consistently gripping, though exhaustive in its brutality. I think would have been a success regardless of when it was made, but I do find it interesting that torture porn was at it’s absolute height when this came out. Did this influence Mel’s decision to make it when he did? Maybe he doesn’t even know. One thing is certain which is that this film is inspired. Genuinely. There’s nothing like it and it’s an experience I won’t forget. What it adds to my own journey into faith remains to be seen, but i’m at a special crossroad in my life for sure. A time when watching this affected me differently than it would have a few years ago. I’m looking for the binding agent, something that will mesh this new faith into the rest of me and shape it into something tangible that I can express without ambiguity. Anyway I still like Apocalypto more 😁

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