Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Carax! It's a bouncing baby nutter!

Films don't always have to make sense. Usually I like them to make sense because it's necessary in the confines of the stories and structure of most films for them to be coherent. But then there are some films that I will let get away with not making sense when they make it plain from the beginning that they are not supposed to be about that.

That's not to say I'll let any old load of nonsensical claptrap get a free pass with me. In fact, very few such films will curry favour with me, and those that do are usually directed by David Lynch. I'm more than happy to throw Holy Motors on the pile as well, even though I personally felt that it struggled, at times, to maintain the lunatic momentum that it built up in its first half before finding it again during Kylie Minogue's song and dance number and the last 5 minutes or so.

To be perfectly honest I missed almost all of the film references that this film is supposed to be packed with. I don't know if that happened during the many occasions I was rubbing my eyes during this viewing to make sure I was actually seeing this stuff. I don't really think it mattered, though. It took me about 5 minutes to realise that I wasn't even going to attempt to try and understand what was going on here and figure out what is being referenced.

I was pretty glad of that, actually. I would have hated to have sat through the best part of this film wracking my brain trying to figure out what the fuck was going on here because I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did. I just sat back and enjoyed almost everything that I saw here, most particularly the wonderful Edith Scob (looking absolutely beautiful) and Denis Lavant's extraordinary performance - one of the most remarkable multi-faceted screen performances that I've ever seen.

Looking through his filmography, I didn't realise he was the poor sod who is run over by car after car in the brilliant Rabbit In Your Headlights video by UNKLE. That is the only other thing I have seen him in to date and, to be honest, looking down his filmography I'm not sure I'm in a rush to see many more of the films that he's been in. Even so, he's produced about 10 different great performances in one film here. Eat that, Alec Guinness!

I know there are probably all kinds of incredibly well thought out and expressed theories on what Holy Motors is about and what it is trying to say as a film, and I'm sure many of them make for fascinating reading. But I would personally be delighted if Leos Carax came out one day and said something like, "Well, it's not about anything, really. Did you like it, though? That's the most important thing."

If he did say that, he would be totally correct as well.

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