The Adjustment Bureau ★★

The June-ar Module

The Adjustment Boreau, more like.

Maybe a bit harsh but I couldn't think of a play on the title that could allow me to use the word 'mediocre'. Will accept suggestions and steal them for future usage.

There are only two REALLY good things about The Adjustment Bureau. The first 20 minutes or so are great. I really enjoyed the montage of clips detailing Matt Damon's political travails and the setting up of the story in general. I thought this was really done and that they were about to set up a film that would turn out to be pretty great overall. That never happened.

There's also Damon and Emily Blunt. Singularly I really, really like them both, especially Blunt. So that was a pretty good starting point for this. Together, however, they're fabulous. They are one of the best-matched couples I have seen in a film for quite some time. They trade barbs and bounce dialogue off each other like they've done a dozen films together and they are the hottest movie couple I have seen for ages.

They could be the next Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. I don't know if they're with anyone at the moment and I'm not advocating that they dump any partners that they may or may not be with right now. I'm just saying that if they hooked up that I would be totally fine about that. And then they should go ahead and do a remake of Overboard. I thoroughly enjoyed all the scenes they had together here, even if director George Nolfi gets in the way sometimes by over-egging the pudding with a bit too much unnecessarily drippy romance bollocks. Leave them to it, you tit.

It doesn't really have much else going for it after that. It really should have done because the concept is an interesting one. At no point does Nolfi suggest that he is likely to get his head around this concept - so he doesn't even bother. He has a stab at it early on when Damon first gets collared by the men in hats but the scene doesn't make any sense, the explanations are piss-poor and after that he just resorts to a lot more running around to cover his tracks. Nice try, Nolfi, but no cigar.

It vaguely suggests that they're changing events because when they don't we end up going to war. As Damon points out, things aren't exactly ginger peachy right now but Terence Stamp seems to be alright with all the shite that was going on back in 2011 and is still going on now. What a weak as piss explanation, and that it's about the best that Nolfi comes up with really sums up what a lacklustre effort this becomes. It's not helped by the fact that the powers that these guys have are really confusing. So, they don't cope with water and rain very well. WHY?! You can't just chuck that explanation out there and give precisely no reason for it.

Also, why are none of these guys women? Couldn't we at least have seen who the fucking Chairman is at the end and actually give us a stab at a decent resolution? Why is Jennifer Ehle in this for about 10 seconds as well? Don't get me wrong, The Adjustment Bureau looks the part and it's delightfully stylish. But if it wasn't for the Blunt and Damon chemistry, this would be massively shit instead of just slightly so.