The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

The 2021 Catch-Up Project

Here it comes again - the 'Does Wes Anderson only make the same film?' debate.

For the record, I'd say he does. I say that as someone who has mostly *really* enjoyed that film and as someone who hopes he keeps making that film for as long as he jolly well wants to.

Yes, I hear the argument that, no, he doesn't make the same film, you have to look deeper. The issue I have with that is that I don't actually think there is all that much depth to Anderson's films, but I would also add that isn't a bad thing. Or at least not in his case. His films have so much frivolous, enjoyable stuff going on on their surface, and are usually filled with the most wonderful casts, that I personally don't need much more than that.

The anthology almost seems like the perfect way to play out his style as well. It's a more organised way of approaching a vignette style, and also allows him a bit more room for manoeuvre with a typically absolutely stacked cast. It's the most delightful love letter to journalism as well, one that arguably peaks with its first Benicio del Toro / Lea Seydoux-led story, but proceeds to almost equally delight thereafter.

As usual for an Anderson, it's difficult for me to say much else about this. Almost all of its charms sit on its surface for all to see and it's just a charming, relaxing ride. Good old Wes.